In The Nude on LSD(Single)

A call from my attorney, Adrian Snyder about recent endeavors involving LSD and police vehicle windows.



Live from Quarantine EP

Live impromptu recordings from April to June during Covid-19 Quarantine. The handsome little guy on the cover is Squeaker. 



(2 parts) Recorded live in my tiny ass bedroom in Brooklyn



featuring and recorded by Clem Lightning. 


Happy as a Clam

Happy as a Clam is my first attempt at recording an album myself. It reflects a period of my life when I was juggling a lot of mental health problems and diving into the world of psychedelia looking for answers, but only coming back with more questions. The first half of this album is 'structured' songs about anxiety, depression, loneliness, yaddy, yaddy, yadda. The second half was created mainly for myself to use the soundscapes to help meditate. They are abstract compositions meant to represent the subconscious mind.