2019 Video Production Reel


A video created while in quarantine about ways to keep yourself health and sane during a global pandemic.

Written and Edited by, Scored by

False Negative

A short sci-fi film created by sam walker. i play the lead Hacker in this b-movie about a global pandemic which sam and i wrote script a month before the covid-19 shutdown for a local short film festival filmed in marfa, TX.

Asst. Directed by, Edited by, scored by

daily stretching exercise

absurd comedy video created by myself and kristina mcdonald.

edited by, scored by, voiced by

candy hole

short multimedia horror film shot during the month of October 2017 in time for halloween. the film reflects that period of my life when i was struggling with depression and substance abuse. Written by, edited by, scored by

It Gets worse(A christmas special

Horror comedy video of what was supposed to originally be a live comedy performance for a local christmas variety show, but the event was cancelled last minute, so me and a couple friends pulled an all nighter producing this video on Christmas eve to share with all the good little boys and girls(and non-binary angels) For christmas morning.   

music video: melt-sour fruit

I helped Shoot this pretty piece at Desert Island Studios in Portland, Oregon for the pdx local band, MElt. directed by Peter Karavias. edited by DJ Scott 


video review: 


music video: melt-catch me

another music vid for portland's local, melt. directed and edited by myself and jeff melt. filmed at the liquor store in portland, or. with camera assistance by alex hartwig. intro animation by myself.  


video review:


music video: raincult-death on television

a music vid for portland's local band, raincult. this chaos was a lot of fun to make with this absolute crazy bunch. a lot of beers were drank, and hours of footage was captured. it took months just to sift through the green screen footage.

video review: 


music video: star garbage-aincent spaceship

a music vid for portland's local band, stargarbage.

most of this footage here was collected during an annual camping trip at cape perpetua in oregon. much love to the sharons and karens that helped make this video.

filmed by, edited by

music video: frenz-flower farm

a music vid for portland's local band, frenz.

shot somewhere outside of portland

with camera assistance by alex hartwig

directed by, edited by

music video: lurkmoth-happy as a clam

music video for my music project, lurkmoth. filmed at the oregon coast.

directed by, edited by, song by

music video: lurkmoth-baby red eyes

music video for my music project, lurkmoth.

a collection of old family videos ripped from tape

edit by, song by

the over stimulation chamber

(an artist's overview)

Short doc vid on an art installation i built in marfa,tx for marfa open art festival 2019. It was a comedy performance/art install that subjected people to have their senses overstimulated in this hellish carnival side show nightmare fashion.

Written by, Edited by, Scored by 

castle sharon presents:community sessions- the worst friend

a live recording of 'the worst friend' performing some songs. this was a platform for local musicians to come and create a tiny desk concert style video to showcase their music.

edited by 

castle sharon presents:community sessions- kennon christel

a live recording of kennon christel performing songs in portland, or

edited by

Selfies for Quilts

A documentary portrait of Portland textile artist Amy Subach. See more of Amy's work at amysubach.com.

camera assistance by, audio by

painting tutorial

a tutorial video made to help you improve your painting skills. 

with camera assistance by kristina mcdonald

edited by

bridge city sessions: bridge city sinners

a live studio sessions of 'bridge city sinners' performing in portland, or

camera operated by

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